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Additional Information

EMSL houses an unparalleled collection of state-of-the-art capabilities that are used to address scientific challenges relevant to the U.S. Department of Energy and the nation. Researchers from around the world are encouraged to use EMSL's unique capabilities in combination with each other with an emphasis on merging computational and experimental instruments. Learn more about EMSL's eight capability groups (at left) and the instruments belonging to those groups, or view a Full Instrument List.

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EMSL continues to enhance its capabilities and the scientific impact of its users' research with new facilities—including a new Quiet Wing that opened in 2012 and a Radiochemistry Annex opening in spring 2013.

Current Capabilities

EMSL's capabilities are available to researchers through a peer-reviewed proposal process, at no cost, if research results are published in the open literature (see User Access). Remote access to EMSL's supercomputer and NMR resources is also available to help EMSL users save time and travel costs.

Capability Development

EMSL staff develop new tools and tailor existing instruments to meet the evolving needs of its scientific users. For researchers who require instruments of original design or with special customizations, EMSL's Instrument Development Laboratory (IDL) staff are available to design, develop, and test tools specific to users' needs. Depending on the scope of the IDL request, cost recovery from users may be necessary. EMSL also teams with users to develop new capabilities through Partner Proposals.