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Welcome to Chinook!

Chinook Supercomputer

Chinook is a supercluster with 2310 HP™ dual-socket, quad-core AMD™ nodes for computation. With 32 GB of memory per node, each processor-core has 4 GB available. Thus, Chinook is the only computer in its class capable of running certain chemical computations. The overall system has 74 TB of memory, 350 GB of local scratch disk per node, a 250 TB of global parallel file system, and a peak performance 163 teraFLOPs. Fast communication between nodes is obtained using single rail InfiniBand interconnect from Voltaire (switches) and Mellanox (network interface cards). Currently, Chinook's operating system is an EMSL modified version of a Red Hat's Scientific Linux. Node allocation is scheduled using Moab® and Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) resource manager. A 6.5 PB archive (Aurora) is available for longer term local storage.

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