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EMSL's Quiet Wing

Quiet Wing interactive map
Take an interactive look at the new EMSL Quiet Wing.

Opened in early 2012, EMSL's new Quiet Wing is a unique research environment housing a suite of ultra sensitive microscopy instruments. The facility and its unique collection of microscopy and scanning instruments will benefit a wide range of research areas, including catalysis, fuel cell/energy storage, subsurface science and health-related biology.

The facility provides a setting that allows scientists to make optimal use of world-class resources. Today's atomic-level imaging technologies require extreme stability in both the instrument itself and its surrounding environment. The Quiet Wing protects against several potential sources of interference, including acoustic noise, floor vibrations, air flow, temperature fluctuation, and electromagnetic interference. Reducing these factors to a minimum increases the value of scientific results.

Instrument Information


Watch videos about the instruments housed in the Quiet Wing on EMSL's YouTube channel.

The 9,500-square-foot wing features eight quiet laboratory cells and a sample preparation area. Initially, five instruments are available in the facility:

Like all of EMSL's capabilities, the microscopy capability and the Quiet Wing are available to the scientific community at no cost for openly published research. Scientists gain access to instruments and collaborate with onsite microscopy experts through a peer-reviewed proposal process.

In the News

Quiet Wing videos on EMSL's YouTube channel

the Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope
Watch EMSL research scientist Libor Kovarik, discuss the capabilities of the Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope in EMSL's Quiet Wing.
Ultra-High Vacuum, Low Temp scanning probe Microscope
Watch the video about the Ultra-High Vacuum, Low Temp scanning probe Microscope.
Helium Ion
Watch the video about the Helium Ion Microscope.
iDirector with Scott Lea
Watch Allison's discussion with Scott Lea about the Quiet Wing.
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