Office of Science

Instrument Development Laboratory

The mission of the Instrument Development Laboratory (IDL) is to design, develop, and deploy advanced state-of-the-art instrument systems and custom application software in support of the ongoing experimental research efforts within EMSL. IDL staff design and develop much of the custom hardware and software used at EMSL, and provide the critical support necessary to rapidly modify or adapt a user's system to help the user achieve the world-class results they expect at EMSL.

IDL staff provide electrical engineering expertise in high-voltage, radiofrequency, and high-speed analog and digital systems; digital signaling processing and FPGA technology; and rapid prototyping. In addition, IDL software engineers provide expertise in managing very large data sets, laboratory automation, data acquisition and instrument control, communication interfaces, graphical user interface design and development, and other critical software needs. These staff are fully experienced in many different operating systems and development environments, including VB, C, C++, Java, C#, and .NET.

The following software and electronics capabilities are available in the IDL to help users enhance their research.

IDL Capability Lead : Ryan Kelly | , 509-371-6525