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EMSL hosts a variety of sophisticated microscopy instruments, including electron microscopes, optical microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, and computer-controlled microscopes for automated particle analysis. These tools are used to image a range of sample types with nanoscale—and even atomic—resolution with applications to surface, environmental, biogeochemical, atmospheric, and biological science. Each state-of-the-art instrument and customized capability is equipped with features for specific applications.

Capability Detail

For a full listing, refer to the "Capabilities" table that links to detailed information about each of EMSL's microscopy instruments. Brief details about the primary microscopy tools available to EMSL users include:

  1. Uncertainty analysis of multi-rate kinetics of uranium desorption from sediments.
  2. Ionic strength dependence of the oxidation of SO2 by H2O2 in sodium chloride particles.
  3. Live Cell Chemical Profiling of Temporal Redox Dynamics in a Photoautotrophic Cyanobacterium.
  4. Three Human Cell Types Respond to Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Titanium Dioxide Nanobelts with Cell-Specific Transcriptomic and Proteomic Expression Patterns.
  5. Lithium Metal Anodes for Rechargeable Batteries.
  1. Targeted strategies improve efficacy of enzymes to convert biomass to biofuels (Enzyme evaluation)
  2. Iron-bearing minerals in sediments naturally reduce contaminant levels (Lack of iron)
  3. Redox cycling by DsrC protein suggests reason for interaction with dissimilatory sulfite reductase (Step at a time)
  4. EMSL advancements open new possibilities for characterizing nanoparticle interactions (The hidden ties that bind)
  5. Predictive model a step toward using bacteria as a renewable fuel source (Green isoprene)

Microscopy Capabilities Available at EMSL

Instrument Contact
Electron Microprobe (for radiological samples) Arey, Bruce
McKinley,James P
Electron Microscope: Dual FIB/SEM (FEI Helios) Arey, Bruce
Electron Microscope: Dual FIB/SEM, Environmental (FEI Quanta) Laskin, Alexander
Lea, Scott
Electron Microscope: Photoemission (PEEM) Joly, Alan G
Electron Microscope: Transmission, CRYO 2005 Dohnalkova, Alice
Electron Microscope: Transmission, Dynamic - (avail. Oct. 2014) Browning,Nigel D
Evans, James
Electron Microscope: Transmission, Environmental Kabius, Bernd
Kovarik, Libor
Electron Microscope: Transmission, Liquid Helium, Cryo (JEOL) Evans, James
Electron Microscope: Transmission, Radiological (ARM) Lea, Scott
Electron Microscope: Transmission, Scanning Lea, Scott
Wang, Chongmin
Electron Spectrometer: XPS Imaging Engelhard, Mark
Nandasiri,Manjula I
Mammalian Cell Culture Orr, Galya
Mass Spectrometer: Single Particle (SPLAT II) Zelenyuk, Alla
Microscope: Fluorescence, Single-Molecule Hu, Dehong
Microscope: Fluorescence, Single-Molecule /Patch Clamp Orr, Galya
Microscope: Fluorescence, Super Resolution Structured Illumination Orr, Galya
Microscope: Helium Ion Jiang, Weilin
Lea, Scott
Shutthanandan, Shuttha
Microscope: Scanning Probe, AFM Compound Hu, Dehong
Microscope: Scanning Probe, AFM, Bioscope, Radiological Rosso, Kevin M.
Microscope: Scanning Probe, AFM, Geochemistry Lea, Scott
Rosso, Kevin M.
Microscope: Scanning Probe, DI Nanoscope IIIa Multimode Lea, Scott
Microscope: Scanning Probe, Dynamic Force Rosso, Kevin M.
Microscope: Scanning Probe, Scattering IR SNOM Craig, Ian
Lea, Scott
Microscope: Scanning Probe, STM/AFM, Low Temperature, UHV Lyubinetsky, Igor
Microscope: Scanning Probe, STM/AFM, PicoSPM Rosso, Kevin M.
Microscope: Scanning Probe, Variable Temperature Lyubinetsky, Igor
Microscope: Scanning Probe, Variable Temperature UHV Dohnalek, Zdenek
NMR Spectrometer: 500-MHz WB Bruker (Imaging) - (Bastiat) Renslow, Ryan
Spectrometer: Atom Probe Devaraj, Arun
Perea, Daniel
Spectrometer: Fluorescence, Cryogenic Wang, Zheming
Spectrometer: FTIR - standard Johnson, Tim
Spectrometer: High Spatial Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (NanoSIMS) Zhu, Zihua
Spectrometer: Raman/Epifluorescence, Inverted Confocal Bowden, Mark
Hess, Nancy J.
Vasdekis,Andreas E
Spectroscopy: Fluorescence, Time-resolved Wang, Zheming
X-ray Computed Tomography Bowden, Mark
Varga, Tamas
Microscopy Capability Lead: Scott Lea , 509-371-6233