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EMSL houses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instruments with frequencies up to 900 MHz, as well as an electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer. EMSL staff are active in developing a variety of probes and techniques to complement their collection of state-of-the-art magnets. NMR capabilities at EMSL are widely used in the following topical areas:

Capability Detail

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Refer to the table below for a full listing, which leads to complete information about each of EMSL's NMR and EPR instruments. Brief details about the primary NMR and EPR tools available to EMSL users immediately follow.

  1. Characterization and modeling of the cemented sediment surrounding the Iulia Felix glass.
  2. Performance of the Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming Product Under Hydraulically Unsaturated Conditions.
  3. Enzyme Design From the Bottom Up: An Active Nickel Electrocatalyst with a Structured Peptide Outer Coordination Sphere.
  4. Following Solid-Acid-Catalyzed Reactions by MAS NMR Spectroscopy in Liquid Phase -Zeolite-Catalyzed Conversion of Cyclohexanol in Water.
  5. Interface Modifications by Anion Acceptors for High Energy Lithium Ion Batteries.
  1. Targeted strategies improve efficacy of enzymes to convert biomass to biofuels (Enzyme evaluation)
  2. Redox cycling by DsrC protein suggests reason for interaction with dissimilatory sulfite reductase (Step at a time)
  3. SCF1 frees plant sugars in lignin for sustainable biofuels (Biofuel breakdown)
  4. EMSL advancements open new possibilities for characterizing nanoparticle interactions (The hidden ties that bind)
  5. Predictive model a step toward using bacteria as a renewable fuel source (Green isoprene)

NMR and EPR Capabilities Available at EMSL

Instrument Contact
EPR Spectrometer: High Field (W-band, 95 GHz) - (High Field) Walter, Eric
EPR Spectrometer: Pulsed/CW (X-band, 9.5 GHz) - (Low Field) Walter, Eric
NMR Spectrometer: 100-Mhz (2.35 Tesla) WB Tecmag (Solids) - (Thorium) Cho, Herman M
Washton, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 300-MHz (7.05 Tesla) WB Varian NMR System (Solids) - (Mazama) - (subscribed through Sept. 2014) Burton, Sarah D
NMR Spectrometer: 500-MHz (11.7 Tesla) WB Agilent (Solids) - (Shasta) - (subscribed throught Sept. 2014) Burton, Sarah D
Lipton, Andrew S
NMR Spectrometer: 500-MHz WB Bruker (Imaging) - (Bastiat) Renslow, Ryan
NMR Spectrometer: 600-MHz NB Varian Inova - Cryoprobe (Liquids) - (Baker) Isern, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 600-MHz NB Varian NMR System (Solids) - (Nittany) - (Limited Time Available) Washton, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 600-MHz NB Varian NMR System - metabolomics cryoprobe (Liquids) - (Hood) Isern, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 750 MHz (17.6 Tesla) WB Bruker (Liquids, Solids, Imaging) - (Bokan) Hoyt, David
Washton, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 750-MHz (17.6 Tesla) NB Varian - (Rainier) Burton, Sarah D
Isern, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 800-MHz (18.8 Tesla) Varian Cryoprobe (Liquids) - (Denali) Hoyt, David
Isern, Nancy
NMR Spectrometer: 850-MHz (20 Tesla) WB Varian (Solids) - (Ellis) - (subscribed through Sept. 2014) Burton, Sarah D
Lipton, Andrew S
NMR and EPR Capability Lead: Nancy Washton | , 509-371-7094