A team of researchers conducted molecular dynamics simulations to determine how interactions with surfaces of five common soil minerals affect the...
Researchers gained a better understanding of infection efficiency regulation in an emerging environmental Bacteroidetes virus model system.
This is the first example of an inorganic nanomaterial adsorbing water at low humidity and releasing it at higher humidity; furthermore, this is...
Register now for EMSL Integration 2016 to be held Sept. 12 and 13 at EMSL. This year’s meeting focuses on multiscale ecosystems analysis and design...
A team of scientists characterized reactions of a model protein to understand how minerals interact with proteins to affect nitrogen availability in...
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distinguished Scientist Liyuan Liang has been appointed director of EMSL. She will join the user facility mid-summer.

Welcome to EMSL

Science Themes

Molecular-scale understanding of key chemical and physical properties of aerosols to accurately predict regional air quality and climate.
Optimizing and understanding the responses of organisms and biological communities to their environment.
Understanding the physical and chemical properties of interfaces to design new materials for energy applications.
A predictive understanding of molecular transformations central to energy and important for other EMSL Science Themes.
Understanding molecular processes in terrestrial and subsurface environments.

Featured Stories

In this issue: A feature on four of EMSL's current postdocs and their research interests; articles on EMSL's new director, registration information for EMSL Integration 2016, two new PNNL Laboratory Fellows at EMSL and an EMSL scientist receives DOE Early Career funding; and science highlights.
Laboratory Fellow Lili Paša-Tolić will assume the role of interim chief scientist for the EMSL user program currently held by David Stahl, who will become the EMSL chief scientist for microbiology.
EMSL leadership has appointed John Shilling Atmospheric Aerosol Systems Science Theme lead, a role he has held in an interim capacity.
EMSL scientist Zihua Zhu and a team of PNNL scientists recently received a patent for a device that allows imaging instruments to study liquid samples reacting in real-time and a realistic environment.

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