Annual Calls

Additional Information

Call for Proposals opens January 6, 2015:

Annual Calls are usually issued in mid-December to early February and may include options to focus on Science Theme topics, team on larger research campaigns, or use multiple facilities (e.g., the JGI-EMSL Collaborative Science Initiative). Proposals are encouraged that couple experiments with theory, modeling or simulation, and access is granted beginning October 1 following award decisions.  Details of the Annual Call and any special requirements for the different options offered are provided in the Call announcement. Note that EMSL cannot accommodate late submissions for new user proposals or extension requests.

On occasion, researchers may have opportunities to request access through special science calls that are announced outside of the normal call cycle. These calls will typically follow unique proposal submission, review and access schedules, and researchers should pay special attention to the details announced in these calls.

  • Science Theme topics. Each year, the Call identifies topics of interest within each of EMSL’s Science Themes. The topics announced in each Call are developed to focus user activities to accelerate results in emerging science areas of interest to EMSL, BER, and DOE. Proposals are valid for two years and a select number of authors may be invited to submit project plans to extend the work for a third year.
  • Teaming on research campaigns. The Annual Call may include opportunities to partner with EMSL staff and other research teams on topics that require multiple methods and approaches for combined experimental and computational research and advanced data integration. Research campaigns are typically multi-institutional and larger in scope. Campaigns require a Letter of Intent, and selected authors are invited to work with EMSL staff to develop more fully a project plan to be submitted as a full proposal. Research campaigns can be valid for multiple years and will be based on the selected project design. 
  • Requests to use multiple facilities. The Annual Call may include opportunities to request the use of multiple user facilities with one proposal. Joint facility applications typically follow special proposal requirements and review processes, and details are provided with the Call. For example, the JGI-EMSL Collaborative Science Initiative is a joint effort between EMSL and DOE’s Joint Genome Institute (JGI) to provide a unique opportunity for researchers to combine the power of genomics and molecular characterization in one research project. JGI-EMSL Collaborative Science proposals require an initial Letter of Intent, and accepted projects are valid for 18 months.