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                                                                                             October 2012
Allison A. Campbell, EMSL Director

This month marks the 15th anniversary of EMSL opening its doors to the global scientific community. I've been reflecting back on the many achievements and the thousands of individual scientists we've helped over those years. Today, I'm eager to look ahead to how we continue supporting our fellow scientists as we all attempt to make a difference in those issues that perplex us all.

Our role has been and will continue to be bringing the best people, instruments and facilities to bear on complex scientific challenges. This issue of The Molecular Bond speaks to how we will continue doing just that. You can hear our senior microscopist, Bernd Kabius, talk with me in a video about the next-generation ultrafast transmission electron microscope that we're pursuing. Or read about our new Chief Science Officer, Sherry Cady, and her expectations for EMSL's scientific impact.

Of course, our success relies upon the collaborations we enjoy with others around the world. One of our newest collaborations is with Hideaki Koike, recently named a Wiley Visiting Scientist who is from Japan. He's spending up to six months with us studying genomes in fungal organisms.

I thank all of you who have been a part of our first 15 years and hope you will continue to be a part of the EMSL family.

- Allison

Sherry Cady

Insights from EMSL's new CSO

Sherry Cady joined EMSL in July as the directorate's chief science officer. After a few months on the job, she talks about the position and EMSL, and shares her research interests. Read the full story.

Recap: Integration 2012

User Meeting

EMSL's 2012 User Meeting focused on the biological sciences and brought together nearly 100 registrants. Attendees heard from nine plenary speakers and a media panel, and participated in technical breakout sessions. Read more.

EMSL receives Blue Obelisk

EMSL garnered the Blue Obelisk Award for supporting the concepts of open data, open source and open standards. EMSL received the award at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia Aug. 21. Read more.

Science highlights

Check out EMSL's Science Highlights. Here are some recent write-ups:

Model Health
  • Model health – Researchers used EMSL computational tools to gain an unprecedented atomic-level understanding of how nanoparticles inhibit the growth and metastasis of pancreatic tumors.
  • Microbes move mountains – New research using Mössbauer spectroscopy at EMSL shows bacteria may be directly responsible for starting reactions that reduce rocks to soil and free biologically important minerals.
  • Fungi clean up – A new study conducted in part at EMSL identified the molecule that makes fungi excellent cleanup agents for contaminated environments.

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