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Modeling and Data Sciences

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EMSL is spearheading the development of an extensible modeling and data sciences (MDS) capability to support the Biological and Environmental Research (BER) community. Learn how to become a scientific partner.

With the establishment of a mid-range scientific computing capability, MDS will focus on delivering computational resources and expertise to support BER mission science. MDS will foster the development of software to process, integrate, and visualize high-throughput and multimodal data that promotes parameterization of models.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will enhance modeling approaches at every step of the data cycle, from data acquisition to analysis and integration into models. The capability will be combined with an infrastructure to capture metadata that conforms to community-accepted standards.

EMSL’s cohesive approach to data generation, management, and analysis will enhance the predictive modeling and simulation of biological and environmental processes.

As part of MDS, EMSL will establish computational resources for data science and modeling efforts, including support for mechanistic models, fine-scale land-based models, and analyses and visualizations of large datasets associated with multi-omics and imaging workflows. This center will host heterogeneous architecture computing clusters interconnected with scalable data storage and archiving to facilitate MODEX and multiscale modeling. Data processing, web services, and visualization will be supported though a scalable container-orchestration system.

EMSL will also establish an imaging processing center to provide a centralized computational resource to manage, process, and analyze imaging data in near real time from the growing suite of high-end imaging instruments.

Additionally, the MDS capability will explore other research priorities, including open-source data analysis; artificial intelligence and machine learning for automation; data integration software frameworks; and metadata capture and FAIR data management.

MDS roadmap