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Digital Phenome

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An ambitious decadal goal of EMSL is to develop a digital phenome platform (DigiPhen) where users generate a variety of data types and use that data to parameterize computational simulation and modeling tools to predict the behavior or phenotypes of a biological system of interest. Learn how to become a scientific partner.

DigiPhen will encompass experimental and analytical workflows supporting a digital representation of the functional basis of phenotype for whole microbial or plant systems, as well as an expanding set of interchangeable, interconnecting modules that contain data and models representing the mechanistic determinants of phenotype.

DigiPhen is a platform for data production and data–model integration across the fields of structural biology, biomolecular pathways, and cellular signaling and communication that connects the molecular basis of function to observable or desirable phenotypes. Molecular, structural, and functional data from EMSL and EMSL partner and collaborator analytical platforms form DigiPhen’s data modules and inform connected mechanistic models of function developed in EMSL by users or by other researchers and organizations EMSL works with. When fully deployed, DigiPhen will provide the user community with a massive and continually growing stream of well-curated multimodal phenotyping data and numeric or simulation models for accurately and expediently annotating biological function across species and taxa for BER-relevant microbial and plant systems.

DigiPhen road map