Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

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To help with proposal planning, icons in the table below indicate instrument availability:

  • 10 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Instrument Science Contact Description
Computing: Aurora (Data Archive) (GB)
Ryan Wright (509) 371-6105
Dave Cowley (509) 371-6471
Aurora, EMSL's scientific data archive, is a dedicated computer system specifically designed for long-term storage of data collected by EMSL instruments. It is available at no cost to EMSL users who are part of an active EMSL user project, and follows EMSL's Data Management policies. Aurora is safe Designed to safely & securely hold data on a long-term basis Stores multiple copies of data to protect from data loss in case of media failure Expertly maintained by skilled information systems professionals from EMSL's Molecular Sciences Computing Group Monitored continuously for optimum...
Computing: Cascade (Linux Cluster) - (avail. until Oct. 2020)
Lee Ann McCue 509/375-2912
Cascade's 23,000 Intel processors have 184,000 gigabytes of memory available, about four times as much memory per processor as other supercomputers. The additional memory will allow scientists to use the processors more efficiently for biology, computational chemistry, materials science and atmospheric aerosols research. Read more about our computing policies in our User Guide.