EMSL Staff

Dr. Ahkami joined EMSL in 2015 to support the development, maintenance and operation of the plant science and bioenergy research capabilities including molecular biology, biochemistry and phenomics...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6229
Dr. Alexander is internationally recognized for her contributions in the fields of proton-transfer reaction mass spectrometry and aerosol mass spectrometry and in the application of those techniques...
(509) 371-6276
EMSL/MSC Point of Contact for multiple Computational Science Theme Proposals Elucidation of Reaction Mechanisms in Heterogeneous Catalysis Origins of Activity and Selectivity in Nanoporous Catalysts...
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Scientist
Chris Anderton has an extensive background in surface analysis techniques. Through his graduate endeavors to his recent position, he focuses on the power of multimodal imaging methods to expand the...
Chief Scientist
(509) 371-6818
Developer of the Gaussian basis set module in the NWChem chemistry code.
(509) 371-6485
Mr. Arey is a Technologist in EMSL. Since 1983, he has specialized in the material science field in radiation effects. He is experienced in the application of scanning electron microscopy and auger...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6442
Ken Auberry’s primary research interests are automated high-throughput data management and analysis for systems biology studies with a specific focus on proteomics and the challenges involved in...
Laboratory Fellow and Science Theme Lead, Molecular Transformations
(509) 371-6245
Dr. Baer is EMSL's science theme lead for Molecular Transformations. As lead he implements the vision for development and implementation of scientific leadership within that area of emphasis,...
Science Theme Lead, Biosystem Dynamics and Design
(509) 372-4759
Dr. Baker is the science theme lead for Biosystem Dynamics and Design, which focuses on spatial and temporal dynamics of biological pathways in microbes, fungi and plants to advance our...
(509) 371-6529
Molecular Science Computing (MSC) Acting Capability Lead Visualization and User Services(VisUS) Group Acting Line Manager
Scientist studying metabolomics using NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (MS). Studies include: Metabolite profiling of biofluids, cell cultures, environmental samples, food and agricultural...
Linus Pauling Fellow
(509) 371-6730
Dr. Boiteau specializes in environmental organic and metal chemistry. His work focuses on understanding how microbes impact the mobility and bioavailability of metals in the environment. Boiteau has...
Deputy Director for EMSL
(509) 371-6958
Dr. Bolton leads and manages approximately 150 staff members and more than 100 instruments to ensure alignment with EMSL's science themes and BER's mission. He's responsible for expanding and...
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr. Borkum is a postdoctoral research assistant in the NMR and EPR group at EMSL.
(509) 371-7816
Dr. Bowden manages EMSL's optical spectroscopy and diffraction, subsurface flow and transport, and microfabrication and deposition capabilities. He is responsible for the X-ray diffraction facility...
Senior Development Engineer
(509) 371-6022
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6566
Heather Brewer performs sample preparation and sample management for a wide variety of sample types, including bacteria (BSL 1 & 2), viruses, soils, plants, tissues (mammalian), and fungi. She...
(509) 371-6628
(509) 371-6470
David Brown works for EMSL MSC Operations supporting the computing systems that group is responsible for; MyEMSL and the High Performance Computing capabilities. David matches operational...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6543
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6535
Dr. Burton's primary project is with EMSL's NMR facility supporting visiting researchers to implement NMR experiments. The range of projects require the NMR analysis of soils, proteins, Bio-oil...
Chief Scientist
(509) 371-6164
Chief Scientist, Biogeochemical Imaging
(509) 375-2020
Sherry L. Cady is an expert on how microbes and their organic remains alter the minerals and sediments that precipitate and accumulate in their presence. Her research on microbe-mineral interactions...
IT Specialist Senior
(509) 371-6033
User Program Services Specialist
(509) 371-6005
Laboratory Fellow
(509) 371-6517
Dr. Chambers is a Wiley Research Fellow in EMSL. His current interests focus on the deposition and properties of complex metal oxide films and heterostructures. Such materials are of significant...
Postdoctoral Scientist
Dr. Chen's research experience includes nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging.
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
His major areas of research interest are the morphological and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols, atmospheric aerosol chemistry and heterogeneous ice nucleation. He joined the group of Dr....
(509) 371-6439
Eric Choi is a member of the Instrument Development Laboratory (IDL), a team of engineers developing novel, cutting-edge software and hardware tools and systems supporting EMSL and PNNL research....
Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Cliff leads the NanoSIMS capability for biology and biogeochemistry at EMSL. When not helping EMSL users with their research, Dr. Cliff is busy developing techniques that help us understand...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6334
Protein structure determination by NMR spectroscopy Structure-based functional genomics
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6471
Cowley is the capability lead for EMSL’s Molecular Science Computing capability. Primarily, he provides terascale supercomputing and petascale data storage services for EMSL users. His operations...
IT Specialist
(509) 371-6106
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Dahal’s research work focuses on the molecular level understanding of the complex processes that takes place in heterogeneous catalysis, especially the investigation of adsorption, diffusion, and...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6412
Dr. Arun Devaraj is a senior research scientist in the Interface Spectroscopy and Diffraction group in EMSL. He has been assisting EMSL users in utilizing microstructural characterization to...
(509) 371-6453
Senior Research Scientist II
(509) 371-6150
Our research deals with fundamental model system experimental studies that are necessary to understand complex processes that take place in heterogeneous catalysis, the environment, and at the...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6515
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6488
Dr. Droubay is instrumental in PNNL's Spintronics program, which is designed to exploit the spin of an electron as well as its charge to greatly enhance processing power (e.g., quantum computers)....
(509) 371-6512
Post Masters Research Assistant
Kristin is responsible for aiding in the sample preparation and data analysis of plant samples derived from research programs within EMSL including EMSL user projects and other programmatically...
Sr. Research Scientist IV
(509) 371-6494
Since 1980, Mark has specialized in the use of surface sensitive techniques, predominantly XPS to study surface and interphase chemistry. Over the past 21 years, he has worked as principal...
Scientist IV
(509) 371-6709
As a Scientist IV researcher, Dr. Evans supports EMSL’s microscopy capability and develops new technologies and methods for in-situ and dynamic multiscale and multimodal bioimaging. He oversees the...
IT Engineer
IT Engineer
(509) 371-6455
Sysadmin for Cascade Supercomputer Software Developer for Performance Metrics and display for Systems in EMSL and PNNL. Large Storage Systems design and Implementation
Wiley Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow
(509) 371-6730
Dr. Abigail Ferrieri is a Wiley Postdoctoral Fellow in the mass spectrometry group at EMSL. Her research focuses on quantifying the physiological and metabolic responses of Setaria viridis root...
Scientist II
(509) 371-7333
Thomas is an experienced analytical chemist with an extensive background in gas chromatograph (GC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with several years of experience in mass...
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6108
Maintained a 64TB tape backup system. Maintenance included detecting and removing bad tapes, watchdogging backups and performing data restores.Primary system administration duties and architecture...
(509) 371-6532
Mr. Froehlke is responsible for maintaining cryogens in more than a dozen superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnets, including managing liquid helium deliveries. He operates and...
Postdoc Fellow
Fu is the 2013 William Wiley Postdoctoral Fellow at EMSL, where he works with a most advanced nonlinear optical technique, high-resolution sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy to probe...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6466
EMSL Computer and network support, UNIX Infrastructure team (since 2001). CaNS cyber security projects task lead Infrastructure systems team Client system desktop support.
User Program Services Project Coordinator
(509) 371-6777
Senior Research Scientist II
(509) 371-6165
EMSL/MSCF Point of Contact for Computational Grand Challenge and Science Theme proposals System Administrator for PNNL Institutional Computing. Parallel programming and parallel optimization...
(509) 371-6238
EMSL/MSCF Point of Contact for Computational Grand Challenge and Science Theme proposals Parallel programming and parallel optimization
Scientist IV
(509) 371-6160
Current: Developer of the Gaussian basis set DFT, TDDFT and properties modules in NWChem. Accurate embedded-cluster modeling of insulators: applications to metal-oxide surface chemistry &...
Laboratory Fellow
(509) 371-6500
Dr. Grate has a distinguished career in chemical microsensors and microfluidics integrating aspects of chemical, material and measurement sciences into new microanalytical principles, methods, and...
Administrative Assistant
(509) 371-7372
Senior Research Engineer
(509) 371-6377
Leads the PNNL UNIX Help desk, EMSL UNIX workgroup server and UNIX instrument system teams and manages desktop UNIX workstations. Lead scientist for Linux laptop encryption research, and primary...
Post Doctoral Scientist
Dr. Han's current research project is focused on understanding electrochemical materials and phenomena in batteries for the development of next-generation energy storage technologies as a part of...
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Pubudu Handakumbura is a plant scientist in the mass spectrometry group at EMSL. She is using systems and synthetic biology approaches to study plant-atmosphere-soil interactions .The main focus...
Laboratory Fellow
(509) 371-6527
Examining the effects of oxide surface structure and stoichiometry on the chemistry and photochemistry of small probe molecules on anatase and rutile titanium dioxide single crystal surfaces.
Science Theme Lead
(509) 371-6385
Dr. Hess leads development and implementation of a vision for Terrestrial and Subsurface Ecosystem science within EMSL. She identifies specific objectives/targets and guides the assembly of the...
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Raea K. Hicks is interested in land-atmosphere interactions and their effect on atmospheric particle formation and climate.  Her current work includes development of Laser Ablation-Aerosol Mass...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6338
As part of the EMSL mission, Hixson has been the science point of contact for multiple EMSL user projects, overseeing and facilitating the progression of successful data accumulation and...
Lead Scientist for Integrative Research
Dr. Hofmockel is interested how plant-microbe-soil interactions influence plant productivity, soil biogeochemistry and the land-atmosphere exchange of carbon.  This research connects microbial...
(509) 372-4048
EMSL Computer and network support, UNIX Infrastructure team
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 372-4161
Derek Hopkins is an accomplished software developer whose software is widely used throughout EMSL. Modular software design has enabled widespread adoption of software based on a common, robust...
Sr. Research Scientist IV
(509) 371-6545
Dr. Hoyt has had over 30 years of experience with research related to NMR. His traditional research focus has been on the structure and dynamics of bio-complexes and metabolite identification via...
(509) 371-6126
Single molecule spectroscopy Near-field scanning optical microscopy and atomic force microscopy Ultrafast spectroscopy
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6544
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6538
Nancy G. Isern's current areas of responsibility include: Metabolomics Capability Support and Development EMSL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) User Support—Liquids NMR and Structural Biology...
Director of Plant Sciences
Dr. Jansson leads development of a vision and strategy for PNNL and EMSL in plant systems biology and bioenergy, building on existing capabilities in plants, cyanobacteria and enzymatic approaches....
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6491
Dr. Jiang's current research activities focus on the ion-beam-induced radiation effects, defect recovery and defect/implant migration and clustering processes in carbides (SiC), nitrides (GaN) and...
Senior Research Scientist II
(509) 371-6158
Investigation of wide band gap and nanoparticle materials using laser spectroscopy.
Laboratory Fellow
(509) 371-6143
Molecular beam studies of physicochemical phenomena on the surface and in the bulk of Amorphous Solid Water (ASW), Crystalline Ice, Crystalline and Amorphous Materials. Physisorption and...
Senior research scientist and capability lead
(509) 371-6525
Dr. Kelly is the capability lead and manager for EMSL’s instrument development and microfabrication laboratories. His research focuses on biochemical analysis, including the development of...
Senior Research Scientist II
(509) 371-6134
Low-energy electron-stimulated reactions in thin water films. Electron-stimulated luminescence in water films.
Chief Technology Officer
(509) 371-6549
Dr. Koppenaal directs the development and implementation of new, transformational instrumental tools for EMSL. He also serves as the technical lead for EMSL’s high resolution and mass accuracy...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 375-4377
Dr. Libor Kovarik’s current research focuses on applying in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) techniques to study structure-property relationship of heterogeneous catalysts.  He is also...
Technical Lead and Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6464
Dr. Kowalski leads development of the parallel implementations of high-accuracy CC methodologies in NWChem, using the capabilities of Tensor Contraction Engine developed at PNNL. Developed coupled...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6384
Dr. Kukkadapu has been elemental in fostering international recognition of EMSL’s 57Fe-Mössbauer spectroscopy laboratory as a premier laboratory for biogeochemical sciences involving Fe-oxides and...
(509) 371-6452
Administrative support for the EMSL MSC Operations, MSC Consultants & Visualization, and Computer & Networking Services
IT Specialist
(509) 371-6467
Chief Scientist
(509) 371-6136
Senior Research Scientist V
(509) 371-6129
Dr. Laskin is an S&E 5 scientist, the second-highest scientific ranking at PNNL. He serves as a key contributor to EMSL’s Atmospheric Aerosol Systems Science Theme.  He has: Published over 150...
Manager -- EMSL User Program Services
(509) 371-6201
Law is responsible for the integrated user program supporting EMSL’s vision and mission, including policies, procedures, user feedback and reporting metrics. She collaborates with other facility...
Post Doctorate
(509) 371-6075
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6233
Dr. Lea provides scientific and technical expertise and leadership in support of EMSL’s user program, strategy and scientific productivity through leadership of microscopy capability and Quiet Wing...
Chief Scientist
(509) 371-7883
Dr. Li specializes in heavy-element computational chemistry with ab initio relativistic quantum chemistry methods and computational material science using plane-wave density functional theory.
Director of EMSL
Dr. Liang leads EMSL in growing its reputation as a premier scientific user facility. She sets the scientific vision to attract outstanding staff scientists and users of EMSL facilities and programs...
(509) 371-6148
Laboratory and field study of aerosols in the atmosphere and their environmental impacts. Current projects focus on studying the molecular chemistry of atmospheric brown carbon (BrC) with various...
Senior Research Scientist
Capability Lead for Mass Spectrometry
Dr. Lipton is EMSL's mass spectrometry capability lead. She is also a senior staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She is nationally recognized for her research in microbial...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6350
Postdoctoral Research Associate
I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the mass spectrometry group at EMSL. I am a biogeochemist with particular interests in how organic chemistry affects various processes in the Earth System....
Engineer III
Andrey Liyu is an engineer for EMSL’s Instrument Development Laboratory. Primarily, he develops novel laboratory automation systems supporting EMSL and PNNL research. Currently, he is developing...
Post Doctoral Research Associate
My research focus on using in situ and operando electron microscopy techniques to characterize dynamic processes which are crucial to materials applications. My research interests include gas-solid...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6267
Markillie has more than twenty five years of experience in molecular biology, immunology and protein biochemistry techniques and research, experimental design and implementation, and laboratory...
Dr. McCue is the capability lead for EMSL’s molecular science computing scientific consulting. She collaborates with EMSL users to ensure integration between experimental and computational resources...
Administrative Assistant
Administrative support for the EMSL NMR/EPR and Mass Spec/Magnetic Resonance groups.
Building Manager
As the Building Manager for the User Facilities (EMSL & APEL), my role is to manage the assigned facilites to ascertain the availability of systems and resources for the effective, efficient,...
Hardeep Mehta has an electrical engineering background and extensive instrument development experience. His work focuses on developing novel nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)/magnetic resonance...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6897
Dr Mitchell's research involves using computational analysis of 'omics data to identify key components of biological systems. Analyses focus on network inference and topology, and involves data from...
Laboratory Fellow
(509) 371-6550
Dr. Mueller is a Wiley Research Fellow at EMSL, advising on the Energy Materials & Processes Science Theme, and also is interim Chief Science Officer for PNNL’s Fundamental and Computational...
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Focused on surface analysis of materials for catalysis, energy production and storage, and environmental and biological applications using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
Matt Newburn currently helps manage the Atmospheric Mass Spectrometer Laboratory, a diverse instrument laboratory with cutting-edge mass spectrometers supporting EMSL and PNNL research. Instruments...
Staff Scientist
(509) 371-6575
Currently developing omics visualization tool, creating workflows for automated and semiautomated data analysis, and assisting users in data analysis of large-scale biological experiments
Senior Research Scientist
Technician VI
Randy Norheim specializes in electronic hardware design, development, and fabrication. As part of the team of software and hardware engineers in the Instrument Development Laboratory (IDL), he...
Scientist IV
(509) 371-6478
O’Leary is the Capability Lead for Computer and Network Services (CaNS)for EMSL. In this capacity, he manages a $1.5 million EMSL operations budget and is charged with: maintaining CaNS capabilities...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 375-6702
Lori Ross O'Neil fills a key role in EMSL as the Security Project Lead for the Enabling Technologies Directorate. Lori has overall responsibility for planning and oversight related to high...
Scientist IV
(509) 372-6044
Oostrom is a co-author of the numerical simulator STOMP (Subsurface Transport Over Multiple Phases). The simulator is specifically designed to provide scientists and engineers from varied...
Senior Research Scientist and Capability Lead
(509) 371-6127
Dr. Orr is the capability lead for the cell isolation and systems analysis (CISA), where she leads the team in the development and applications of capabilities for biological research at the...
Science / Engineering Associate II
(509) 371-6686
EMSL Infrastructure support team Second Line of Defense Core and Megaports Initiative Terminal Services Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement (Citrix) Safeguards and Security Services (SASSD)
Lead Scientist for Mass Spectrometry
(509) 371-6585
Dr. Paša-Tolić builds user communities in EMSL’s science theme research areas and leads outreach to the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research principal investigator...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6235
Dr. Perea’s research interests and expertise lie in using atom probe tomography (APT) analysis to map the 3D atomic scale composition of materials. He is currently involved in pioneering the use of...
Science and Engineering Associate
(509) 372-4751
EMSL Collaboratory
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6151
Basic studies of electron-induced processes in water nano-films on surfaces: primary events, exciton migration, desorption of molecular and atomic products. Non-thermal electron- and photo-induced...
Scientist II
(509) 371-6742
EMSL Computer and Network Support, CaNS (since 2009) S.T.I.D.P. Program S.A.S.T. Program Atmospherics Instrumentation support for NMR and BSEL
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6440
Samuel Purvine is a member of the Scientific Resources division at EMSL. He primarily supports the Proteomics Research and Information Storage and Management (PRISM) system as part of the Proteomics...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6089
Projects: 1. Immobilization and mobilization of contaminants and radionuclides in the Hanford vadose zone 2. Contaminant-Organic Complexes: Their Structure and Energetics in Surface Decontamination
(509) 371-6383
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6465
Current projects include EMSL computing and network infrastructure server support, log analysis and wireless network security.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
(509) 371-7673
Structural characterization of bacterial nanowires from Geobacter Sulfurreducens.Analysis of protein-mineral interactionsNMR based studies of soil organic matterDevelopment and characterization of...
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Albert Rivas-Ubach is a TES postdoctoral researcher in the mass spectrometry group at EMSL. Albert’s expertise is especially in the field of ecometabolomics detecting and quantifying crucial...
Chief Operating Officer, Project Manager
(509) 371-6341
As part of the EMSL mission, his major projects include implementing the next generation state-of-the-art mass spectrometry instrumentation for biological systems analysis such as the recently...
Associate Director - Geochemistry
(509) 371-6357
Technician VI
(509) 371-6184
Mike Russcher serves as a Cognizant Space Manager for the Instrument Development Laboratory and assists EMSL users with their instrumentation projects. He also sources and procures parts,...
Senior Scientist and Lead Scientist for Multiscale Modeling and High-Performance Computing
(509) 371-7633
Dr. Scheibe is lead scientist for multiscale modeling and high-performance computing. He develops the scientific vision for multiscale and computational science within EMSL, provides a national...
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6107
NWPerf, A cluster wide performance monitoring application Lead System Administrator for Altix1, A 128 Processor SGI Altix Supercomputer System Administrator for MPP2, a 1952 Processor Itanium2...
(509) 371-6531
High temperature probe designs; cryogenic probe design’s; cryogenic systems; high pressures system’s designs; microwave and RF design.
Research Scientist
Research Scientist, Science Theme Lead, Atmospheric Aerosol Systems,
Dr. Shilling is an atmospheric chemist at PNNL with expertise in measuring aerosol gas- and particle-phase chemical composition and gas/particle interactions, and in applying mass spectrometry to...
Chief Scientist
(509) 371-6239
[ Ion Dissociation by Collisional Activation : We have constructed a sector/quadrupole tandem hybrid mass spectrometer to study the energetics and dissociation dynamics of low energy ions from...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6530
Dr. Shutthanandan joined EMSL in 1999 and he is responsible for the helium ion microscope and imaging XPS capabilities at EMSL. A major portion of Dr. Shutthanandan's current research at the Pacific...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6469
High Performance Computing System Management High Performance System Acquisition and Project Management
Postdoctoral Research Associate
(509) 371– 6330
Dr. Smallwood is part of a multidisciplinary team developing platforms that enable biological investigations of dynamic structural and chemical biosystems across relevant spatial and temporal scales...
IT Specialist
(509) 371-7660
My current work comprises of system administration tasks on our HPC systems at EMSL, Chinook and Cascade, as well as associated networks and network resources.
Battelle Fellow
(509) 371-6576
Dick's research has primarily focused on the development and application of advanced analytical methods and instrumentation, with particular emphasis on high resolution separations and mass...
Senior Research Scientist II
(509) 371-6156
My research interests are in studying kinetics and dynamics of gas/surface interactions. I particularly enjoy developing kinetic models that accurately simulate adsorption, desorption, and reactions...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 372-1363
(509) 371-6012
Senior Building Assistant
(509) 371-6021
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6524
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6542
Dr. Taylor is a research scientist (2003-present) serving in the areas of systems biology and bioinformatics. Dr. Taylor is currently working in the analysis of bacterial communities, in metabolic...
Mass Spectrometry Soil Scientist
(509) 371-7562
Dr. Malak Tfaily is a staff scientist in the mass spectrometry group in EMSL. She has been assisting EMSL users in implementing the next-generation state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, and infrared...
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6456
Proteomics Data Storage Server ManagementsTerminal Services Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement (Citrix and Thin Clients)Microsoft Operation Manager Implementation
Chief Operating Officer
(509) 371-6699
Scott Tingey is responsible for management of the project management systems at EMSL. In 2005, he managed the redesign process for EMSL's entire management system, including the strategic plan,...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6441
Nikola Tolic is a Senior Research Scientist in EMSL’s Instrument Development Laboratory (IDL). Since joining IDL after moving from the Sensors and Electronic Systems group in 2001, he primarily has...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6157
My current research involves fundamental investigations of NOx catalysts for the treatment of NOx emissions from lean burn gasoline and light duty diesel engines. The goal is a 90% chemical...
(509) 371-6215
Post Bachelors RA
Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate-Biological Mass Spectrometry: assisting in sample prep, data analysis, running samples.
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6459
Development QM/MM capabilities for NWChem Development of hybrid ab-initio and quasicontinuum methods Development of integrated software suite for chemical dynamics Study of microbially-mediated...
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6042
Tamas Varga supports the x-ray diffraction (XRD) and x-ray computed tomography (XCT) user program at EMSL, maintains the XRD and XCT facilities in part, and develops his own research program...
(509) 371-7851
Dr. Andreas Vasdekis received his Ph.D. from the University of St. Andrews (UK), exploring the photophysics and applications of conjugated polymers (2008). Following a short spell at the California...
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Veghte is currently focusing his research on determining optical properties of single particles, change in morphology of particles when exposed to different atmospheric conditions and...
Post Doctoral Research Associate
During PhD studies Dušan Veličković got a strong background in applied enzymology:  production, purification, characterization and stabilization of lipases and glycosidases and their application in...
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6873
Dr. Walter is the user contact for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR). He assists EMSL users in applying both X-Band and W-Band pulsed EPR spectroscopy to diverse fields, such as geochemistry,...
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6132
Investigation of free and solvated multiply-charged anions using photoelectron spectroscopy.
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6349
Dr. Wang's current research projects include 1) laser-induced time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopic characterization of uranyl speciation in tank waste-contaminated soils and sediments; 2)...
Chief Scientist
509) 371-6717
Current Activities and Projects EMSL capability development FCSD LDRD seed project
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6268
Dr. Wang's recent research efforts concentrate on nanostructured materials, with emphasis being placed on atomic level characterization/visualization of nanostructured materials, especially energy...
Capability Lead, NMR/EPR
(509) 371-7094
Dr. Washton is the capability lead for NMR and EPR, and provides scientific and technical expertise and leadership in support of EMSL’s user program, strategy and scientific productivity. Washton...
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6375
Software Developer - EMSL Usage System
(509) 371-7880
Julie Wiganosky supports the ongoing maintenance and updates to the EMSL Usage System (EUS). EUS is EMSL’s software system that manages the operational workflow, data collection and reporting...
Laboratory Fellow, Lead Scientist, Systems Biology
(509) 371-6551
Dr. Wiley combines the techniques of molecular and cellular biology with both biochemical and optical assays. The results are used to build computer models of underlying cellular processes. He is...
IT Specialist
(509) 371-6034
EMSL Computer Account Management (PC/Unix) EMSL Account Management EMSL AV Support (Help Backup Nick Nanni)
(509) 376-1241
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6105
Ryan is the primary system administrator responsible for EMSL's long-term scientific data archive. In January 2002, he was hired to assist with developing a cutting-edge, multi-terabyte archival...
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Qinghao Wu has extensive background in ion source and mass analyzer development. In his graduate study, he designed a single photon ionization source coupled to a time-of-flight mass spectrometer...
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Yalcin is a spectroscopist who specializes in biological imaging. She joined EMSL in 2014. She has developed a new capability called nano-FTIR to perform Infrared Spectroscopy at nanoscale with...
Research associate B
(509) 371-6685
User Coordinator
(509) 371-7916
EMSL Safety and Operations Council Team Battelle Staff Member Director of Community Outreach - EastLake Tri-Cities
Senior Research Scientist
(509) 371-6155
Our research is focused on the development and applications of the unique tools to study the fundamental processes that govern the chemistry and microphysics of particles on the nano and micro...
Senior Scientist
(509) 371-6272
I am a researcher and educator in the field of analytical chemistry. In my more than 30 year scientific career, I have been involved in developing new methods and techniques of analytical chemistry...
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr. Zhou is a post-doctoral research assistant in Dr. Ljiljana Paša-Tolić’s group. His research focuses on using high resolution mass spectrometry techniques for protein structural analysis.
Research Scientist
(509) 371-6240