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Project ID PI Institution Title / Abstract Science Area End Date Released Data
51573 Eric Gouaux Oregon Health & Science University Elucidating the structure of C. elegans TMC1 and TMC2 Functional and Systems Biology Area
51622 Amy Sims Pacific Northwest National Laboratory COVID-19: Identifying Metabolite Biomarkers in Human Coronavirus infected Primary Human Lung Cultures
51766 Mariefel Olarte Pacific Northwest National Laboratory FT-ICR-MS Analysis of Biomass-derived Liquids
51783 Kristen Gorman University of Alaska Fairbanks Using otolith geochemistry to understand the ocean ecology of a changing Alaskan salmon system
51756 Janet Jansson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Dynamics of Microbiomes in Space (DynaMoS)
51718 Rajiv Kumar Mayo Clinic Cryo-EM Structural Study of the Polymerase Zeta Complex with Its Cofactors Functional and Systems Biology Area
51743 Seok-Yong Lee Duke University Cryo-EM studies of drug transporters Functional and Systems Biology Area
51738 Bret Freudenthal University of Kansas Medical Center Mechanisms of DNA damage access within the nucleosome during Base Excision Repair Functional and Systems Biology Area
51714 Natalie Strynadka University of British Columbia Structural characterization of the type III secretion system using cryo electron tomography and single particle analysis Functional and Systems Biology Area
51742 Paul Ahlquist University of Wisconsin, Madison Structure / Function Analysis of Positive-Strand RNA Virus Replication Complexes Functional and Systems Biology Area
51709 Peter Shen University of Utah Structure and function of the Gbeta5-CCT complex Functional and Systems Biology Area
51758 Joseph Laureanti Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Understanding proton movement in [FeFe]-hydrogenase
51745 Ryan Renslow Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Backfilling the Natural Products Magnetic Resonance Database with DFT Calculated NMR Chemical Shifts
51772 Vicky Freedman Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Developing predictive understanding of subsurface flow and reactive geochemical transport through the use of Akuna: An Open
51750 James Stegen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory River Corridor Hydrobiogeochemistry from Reaction to Basin Scale
51768 Neeraj Kumar Pacific Northwest National Laboratory COVID-19: Molecular design and analysis to inform small molecule therapeutics related to COVID-19
51733 Paul Piehowski Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory PNNL/Pfizer Project for the Development and Evaluation of Nanoproteomics Approaches
51713 Garry Buchko Pacific Northwest National Laboratory COVID-19: Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Diseases – Year XIV
51765 Brian Riley Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Spatially resolving light elements with high resolution chemical analysis for waste forms characterization
51609 Fikadu Tafesse Oregon Health & Science University COVID-19: Mapping the proteomic landscape of human cells expressing individual SARS-CoV-2 proteins
51751 Kirsten Hofmockel Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Evaluating Spatial and Molecular Drivers of Microbial Function
51723 Leonard Mueller University of California, Riverside Chemically-Rich Structure and Dynamics in the Active Site of Tryptophan Synthase
51747 Simone Raugei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Electron Transfer of Nitrogenase Complex
51741 Simone Raugei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Computational characterization of FeFe-Hydrogenase catalytic species