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User Projects

The following is a list of projects that have been active over the past three years.
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Lead Institution: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Jason McDermott
The goal of this project is to attain a systems level understanding of the soil microbiome and its phenotypic response to changing moisture through a tractable, spatially explicit examination of the molecular and ecological interactions occurring...
Lead Institution: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Charles Ansong
Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D) is a chronic disease resulting from the autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. In addition to evolving ideas about the role of beta cells in genetic susceptibility to T1D, there is mounting...
Lead Institution: Institute of Microbiology of the CAS
Principal Investigator: Petr Baldrian
Forest soils represent an environment with high carbon (C) stocks and important hotspots of C turnover and microorganisms are the most important actors in this process. The understanding of the C flow through the soil microbial foodweb would provide...
Lead Institution: University of Missouri - Columbia
Principal Investigator: Gary Stacey
Recent data indicate that competition between plant plasma membrane (PM) receptor palmitoylation and autophosphorylation defines inactive and active states, respectively. Hence, for any given treatment, global monitoring of receptor palmitoylation...
Lead Institution: Princeton University
Principal Investigator: Tullis Onstott
The specific aim of this Large-Scale EMSL proposal is to image the metabolic interactions of deep subsurface anaerobic CH4-cycling microbial consortia: 1) at high pressure and temperature; 2) at high temperature and salinity, and 3) during in situ...
Lead Institution: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Alexander Johs
Levels of toxic methylmercury (MeHg) in the environment are a net result of mercury (Hg) methylation and MeHg demethylation processes. Mercury methylation by anaerobic bacteria and archaea is the primary source of MeHg and has been linked to the...
Lead Institution: Rice University
Principal Investigator: Janet Braam
Exosomes are powerful vehicles for local, distal and even transpecies cell-to-cell communication in diverse eukaryotes, but whether plant extracellular vesicles can act similarly to exosomes characterized in animals and are used for plant...
Lead Institution: Montana State University
Principal Investigator: Tim McDermott
Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and understanding its sources and sinks is a core goal of the EMSL and DOE mission. Biological methane production is traditionally viewed as a process that can only occur in the absence of oxygen. In contrast to...
Lead Institution: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: David Weston
We propose a collaborative project with JGI and EMSL to determine how Sphagnum peatmoss and microbial genetic variation interact to influence community function at elevated temperatures. As part of a DOE Early Career award, we have developed...
Lead Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Principal Investigator: Ryoko Oono
Decomposition of leaf litter by a diverse microbial community is a major biogeochemical process in the global carbon cycle. Fungi are considered the primary decomposers of plant litter, especially of highly recalcitrant lignocellulose matrices that...