Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

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User Projects

The following is a list of projects that have been active over the past three years.
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Lead Institution: Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Principal Investigator: James Evans
Subcellular structures and macromolecular complexes can be revealed through cryo electron tomography of whole cells. Pseudarthrobacter chlorophenolicus is a soil bacterium which has novel metabolic pathways that may give insight into drought...
Lead Institution: Montana State University
Principal Investigator: Robin Gerlach
Developing algal-based biofuels and bioproducts is one of the goals of the Department of Energy-Bioenergy Technology Office (DOE-BETO). The work proposed here focuses on an algal strain, tentatively identified as Chlorella sorokiniana and obtained...
Lead Institution: Oregon Health & Science University
Principal Investigator: Bradley Tebo
Manganese-oxide mineral formation by bacterial oxidation of dissolved Mn(II) is an important process in aquatic and soil environments and is a key part of the global Mn cycle. The Mn bio-oxides represent highly reactive phases that sorb metal ions...