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User Projects

The following is a list of projects that have been active over the past three years.
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Lead Institution: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: David Heldebrant
Carbon dioxide is one of the most simple and abundant molecules on earth as it plays a critical role in biological lifecycles as a feedstock for plants to chemically store energy in hydrocarbons and conversely a byproduct of hydrocarbon combustion....
Lead Institution: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Mariefel Olarte
This proposal aims to identify the active species from peracetic acid that are involved in the oxidative depolymerization of lignin. Results from this study will inform other efforts to identify alternative oxidants and catalysts that can make the...
Lead Institution: Washington State University
Principal Investigator: Norman Lewis
Our overall aim is to further identify, dissect, and exploit dirigent protein (DP) mediated supramolecular protein complexes for macromolecular lignin assembly in order to ultimately achieve facile biomass deconstruction. Our ongoing EMSL work has...
Lead Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Principal Investigator: Marcus Foston
The last decade has witnessed the tremendous power of systems biology and multi-omics tools to characterize and understand complex biological systems, computational tools to integrate and leverage multi-omics datasets to improve systems-level...
Lead Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Principal Investigator: Kristen DeAngelis
Climate change is a current crisis that requires reduced reliance on non-renewable fuels, and lignocellulose offers an abundant and undervalued renewable fuel alternative. Lignin is a strong barrier to the conversion of cellulose to biofuels, and...
Lead Institution: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Ping Yang
The goal of this proposal is to characterize the molecular mechanisms associated to the a Mn2(II,II) core of the SoxB protein. This protein plays a central role in the sulfur oxidizing catalytic process used by bacteria to perform aerobic...
Lead Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Principal Investigator: Yi Lu
This proposal addresses a major under-explored area of research in our understanding of foundational principles for predictive biology central to energy production, i.e., the role of post-translational modifications in oxygen reduction reaction (ORR...