Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

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User Projects

The following is a list of projects that have been active over the past three years.
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Lead Institution: Louisiana State University
Principal Investigator: Tuo Wang
The proposed research aims at obtaining atomic-level information to construct four structural models that reflect the supramolecular architecture of plant secondary cell walls in hardwoods and softwoods, and before and after fungal degradation. Such...
Lead Institution: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Garry Buchko
Biomineralization is the process used by living organism to produce minerals with properties not always found in their equivalent inorganically produced counterparts. In vertebrates, mineralized tissues such as bone, cementum, dentin and enamel all...
Lead Institution: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Mortimer
Plants fix carbon via photosynthesis, the majority of which is incorporated into cell wall polysaccharides. These polysaccharides are synthesized in different cellular compartments, but are assembled outside the cell to form a complex biomaterial....