Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

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User Projects

The following is a list of projects that have been active over the past three years.
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Lead Institution: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Principal Investigator: Marc Salit
The objective of this program is to collaboratively generate the mass spectral data needed to create a Mass Spectral Reference Library to serve the needs of scientists involved in making complex and sensitive measurements of samples containing SARS-...
Lead Institution: Colorado School of Mines
Principal Investigator: Jeramy Zimmerman
The morphology of mixed molecular solids impacts macroscopic properties of the material (e.g. conductivity). Our group has developed atom probe tomography (APT) analysis methods for organic small-molecule materials to study nanoscale morphology and...
Lead Institution: Stanford University
Principal Investigator: Scott Fendorf
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a major but poorly understood control over the mobility of micronutrient and contaminant metals in surface and subsurface systems. Variations in the chemical composition of organic ligands resulting from different...
Lead Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Principal Investigator: Stefan Schmollinger
Iron (Fe) is an essential micronutrient for nearly all forms of life, because of its vital role in respiration, photosynthesis, central carbon metabolism, as well as other reactions involving electron transfer or redox chemistry. Yet, the very...
Lead Institution: Montana State University
Principal Investigator: Roland Hatzenpichler
Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and understanding its sources and sinks is a core goal of the BER and DOE missions. Freshwater systems are responsible for approximately 16% of global methane emissions but significant gaps remain in understanding...
Lead Institution: Purdue University
Principal Investigator: Alexander Laskin
The intent of this collaborative research is to investigate photo-catalytic effects of atmospheric aging on the chemical composition and the microphysical properties of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) internally mixed with Fe(III)-rich mineral dust...
Lead Institution: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Vijayakumar Murugesan
The detailed investigation of advanced battery electrolyte solution structure and dynamics is critical to the ongoing development and capability expansion of alternative battery technologies for grid storage. Fundamental studies inform the design of...
Lead Institution: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Mortimer
Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, an inorganic carbon source, is fixed by plants via photosynthesis to form the polysaccharides and lignin that constitute the plant cell wall. The plant cell wall, which is the majority of plant biomass, is a...
Lead Institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Principal Investigator: Timothy Donohue
Rhodobacter sphaeroides is an alpha-proteobacterium which can remodel its cell envelope under low-oxygen or anaerobic conditions, by increasing its lipid content and forming intracytoplasmic membrane invaginations (ICM) that protrude from the...
Lead Institution: Duke University
Principal Investigator: Meta Kuehn
Cells release vesicles to carry out a variety of functions, including both beneficial and antagonistic inter-kingdom communication. Bacteria release vesicles constitutively and by activation, and their molecular composition has been determined to be...