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Incremental Tuning Up of Fluorous Phenazine Acceptors.


In a simple, one-step direct trifluoromethylation of phenazine with CF3I we prepared and characterized nine (poly)trifluoromethyl derivatives with up to six CF3 groups. The electrochemical reduction potentials and gas-phase electron affinities show a direct, strict linear relation to the number of CF3 groups, with phenazine(CF3)6 reaching a record-high electron affinity of 3.24 eV among perfluoroalkylated polyaromatics.

Castro KP, TT Clikeman, NJ DeWeerd, EV Bukovsky, KC Rippy, IV Kuvychko, GL Hou, YS Chen, XB Wang, SH Strauss, and OV Boltalina.2016."Incremental Tuning Up of Fluorous Phenazine Acceptors."Chemistry - A European Journal 22(12):3930–3936. doi:10.1002/chem.201504122
B Xue
Castro KP
TT Clikeman
NJ DeWeerd
EV Bukovsky
KC Rippy
IV Kuvychko
GL Hou
YS Chen
XB Wang
SH Strauss
OV Boltalina