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Shipping and Receiving

EMSL's shipping and postal addresses are below. Mail Stops (MSIN) for specific individuals can be found using the Alphabetical Staff Listing on the People page.

Do not send equipment, samples, or chemicals without first coordinating with your EMSL Host or the User Support Office, (509) 371-6003. They will make sure that EMSL and PNNL are following postal and shipping regulations, and that any new hazards are appropriately noted for the workspace.  

After discussing your intended shipment with your EMSL Host or Point of Contact, you will need to complete either the Sample Submission Form or Radioactive Material Authorization Request form provided on your proposal details page in the User Portal.  Samples will not be accepted without advance review and approval of a sample form. Details regarding the information that is required on the online form(s) are available at Sample Submission Form or Radioactive Material Authorization Request.  Please Note: If you are sending Mass Spec samples, you do not need to submit either of these forms. Instead, please contact Heather Brewer at 509-371-6566 or heather.brewer@pnnl.gov.

In addition, prior to submitting a proposal with radiological samples, potential users should familiarize themselves with the guidance (pdf) for using and shipping radiological material to RadEMSL (EMSL's Radiochemistry Annex).

Fed Ex, Airborne, or UPS

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
EMSL Shipping
3335 Innovation Boulevard
Richland, WA 99354

User Support Office: emsl@pnl.gov, 509-371-6003