Wiley Research Fellow

Current and Former Wiley Fellows

Read about the nearly dozen past and current Wiley Fellows.

Program Overview: During the development and nearly 15-year history of EMSL's operation, many researchers from throughout the nation have contributed to the important area of environmental molecular sciences and the success of the EMSL facility. The purpose of establishing the Wiley Research Fellow Program is to formally recognize researchers who are currently making significant contributions to EMSL outside their individual research efforts and provide them with a new venue for input to and recommendations on the path forward for EMSL.

Expectations: Wiley Research Fellows are expected to actively contribute to the success of EMSL as a user facility including support of EMSL and the user program beyond their own specific research projects. Examples include participation on EMSL advisory committees, participation on partner proposals for development of new capabilities, acting as a scientific consultant for users, advocacy for EMSL and its capabilities in the scientific community and assistance/support of a broad range of EMSL user activities. Wiley Fellows are also expected to interact with the EMSL scientific leadership team as plans are formulated and attend and provide input, whenever possible, at meetings with the team.

Benefits: Wiley Research Fellow appointments provide a mechanism to formally recognize the partnerships between EMSL and investigators making significant contributions to support the EMSL mission. These partnerships will be acknowledged whenever possible including in EMSL annual reports and on the EMSL website. In recognition of their efforts, adjunct investigators will receive the formal title of Wiley Research Fellow, will be looked to for advice concerning the future of the EMSL facility, and can request special time allocations on high demand instrumentation that is normally reserved for EMSL staff. In addition, travel funding may be made available to Wiley Research Fellows external to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to assist in their service to EMSL. PNNL staff external to the EMSL line organization will benefit by enhanced management recognition, increased visibility of their contributions, and additional justification for use of EMSL resources including EMSL occupancy.

Qualifications: Wiley Research Fellow positions are open to all EMSL users who are not part of the EMSL Organization.

Requirements: All Wiley Research Fellow positions will be evaluated on an annual basis for continued contributions and value to EMSL. Initial appointments require a resume and a one-page description of the researcher's contributions (past and planned) to the EMSL science themes and the EMSL user program. An annual summary of activities and plans for the following year will be required for retention.