Working with Us

Researchers are invited to apply for the opportunity to collaborate with our nationally recognized experts and use unparalleled state-of-the-art instruments and facilities at EMSL. Typically, researchers use resources at EMSL for little to no cost if results are shared in the open literature. EMSL is a national scientific user facility with a diverse range of capabilities and expertise, and we have something to offer researchers at all corners of the scientific community and at all stages of their career.

  • Senior Researchers - Complement your expertise by seeking new cross-disciplinary collaborations to help refine the large scientific questions you are asking, and pursue the answers. Reach out to EMSL leaders to discuss research and partnerships.
  • Early Career Scientists/New Faculty - As budgets tighten, look to establish your research direction through use of EMSL's capabilities, which are available at no cost for openly published research.
  • Graduate Students - Get the meaningful scientific results you need to set your research apart from the crowd. Explore EMSL's proposal opportunities and discuss them with your colleagues and EMSL staff scientists in your area.
  • Scientific Teams - EMSL's approach of integrating theory, experiment, disciplines, and capabilities allows teams of users to form around critical scientific challenges.

Looking for a collaborator to expand your proposal's team and expertise? Click on the interactive map below to get a list of our current projects and principal investigators.To filter the list by science theme, click on the acronym above the map. You can also use the free form box to search by a specific researcher, institution, geographical area or research area of interest (e.g. 'ice nucleation'). The list of active projects will appear below the maps.


User Support Office:, 509-371-6003