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2023 EMSL Summer School
July 24 - 28, 2023


Over the course of five days, world-class researchers provided instruction around the fundamentals and complexities of omics data. 


Day 1: Data Science Tools, Workflows, and Best Practices

On the first day of the 2023 EMSL Summer School, researchers presented on data science tools, workflows, and communication. 

Day 4: Transcriptomics

On the fourth day of the 2023 EMSL Summer School, speakers presented on pre-processing of transcriptomics data, statistical models for transcriptomics data, and post-differential expression analyses.

Express Yourself! Transcriptomics from sample to counts

Pre-processing of Transcriptomics Data

Statistical Models for Transcriptomics Data

Post-differential expression analyses (or how to interpret that big ole pile of data you’ve just generated)

Day 5: Integration Methods and Machine Learning

On the fifth day of the 2023 EMSL Summer School, researchers presented  an introduction to machine learning for biological applications, proteomics and image analysis, multi-omics integration, and a case study of mixomics.