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Full proposals for this call may only be submitted by invitation.

EMSL is utilizing a dual anonymous peer-review process for this call. Applicants will prepare anonymous research proposals, which peer reviewers will evaluate for scientific merit, mission alignment, and relevance to EMSL Science Areas. Proposers are required to write their Title, Abstract, Project Description, and References in an anonymized format that does not explicitly identify the names of the team members or their institutions. See the dual anonymous guidance for details.

Proposals must be submitted electronically through the EMSL User Portal. The online form for full proposal submission will require the same information as the LOI (see LOI Guidance), and these fields will be pre-populated with information provided in your LOI. All previously entered information from the LOI can be modified if needed. See details described in the Exploratory Research Proposal Guidance.

Your proposal should incorporate or respond to any feedback provided following your LOI. You are strongly encouraged to contact EMSL staff to discuss your project before submitting the full proposal. Any discussions with staff should be initiated at least two weeks before the submission deadline.