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Investigation of Biodegradable and Nonbiodegradable Thermalreversible Gelling Polymers Using Slow Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy

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In vivo gelation is the basis of injectable systems that eliminate the need for surgical procedures and offers the advantage of the ability to form any desired implant shape. Several such polymers, or thermal gels, have been successfully developed at PNNL during the past several years. The understanding of the structure-property relationship of a thermal gel/polymer is essential for further development and rational design of new functional smart materials. We propose to study the changes in the properties of the polymer gels as a function of temperature using both resolution enhanced fast and slow magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR techniques. If it is found that slow MAS suffices to obtain the required information, in future applications this technique will be used for in vivo studies of the biodegradation of thermal gels as well as the evaluation of the therapy involving thermal gel for drug delivery.

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Capability Research
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Principal Investigator

Anna Gutowska
Advanced Imaging Technologies

Team Members

Jian-zhi Hu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Barbara Tarasevich
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory