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High-Resolution Sum-Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy
Capability Development Project WBS

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The objective of this WBS element is to further develop experimental and user service capability to perform surface nonlinear spectroscopy and dynamics measurements with both high spectral resolution (~ 0.6cm-1) and ultrafast time resolution (~35 fs). The first high-resolution broadband sum-frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy/dynamics (HR-BB-SFG-VS) system has been built with the support of EMSL capital project, and the unique spectral resolving power of HR-BB-SFG-VS has been initially demonstrated. In order to further demonstrate its application to experiments of interest, two systematic studies need to be carried out: a). explore the conditions and sample preparation to make HR-BB-SFG-VS measurement on specific surfaces and interfaces; b). based on these data explore procedures and processes to analyze and interpret the high-resolution SFG data. This data analysis is extremely important, since such high-resolution and high signal-to noise SFG vibrational spectra have ever been obtained. A systematic procedure to process and analyze such data needs to be developed in establishing new model systems for the future studies on this new ground. Moreover, in order to understand these high resolution SFG spectra, comparison to the infrared (IR) and Raman spectra with similar spectral resolution of the same molecule or material in solution or solid phase is also needed for these model systems. However, such IR and Raman spectra are either scarce in the literature or database, or their quality and resolution is insufficient. This situation can be solved since we have discovered that using the same laser system that enables HR-BB-SFG-VS measurements can be used for high-resolution broadband stimulated Raman and IR absorption measurement for the same molecules or materials in solution or solid phase. These require additional effort in the capability development in order to make the unique HR-BB-SFG-VS capability useful for users.

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Principal Investigator

Hongfei Wang
Fudan University

Team Members

Yu Gong
College of Charleston

Hui Shi
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Li Fu
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Patrick El-Khoury
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Libing Zhang
Washington State University Tri-Cities

Zhehao Wei
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Bin Yang
Washington State University Tri-Cities

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