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Benchmark studies of non-covalent interactions

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Non-covalent interactions have manifested their importance as the dominant types of interactions that control supramolecular chemistry with applications in molecular self-assembly, folding, molecular recognition and guest-host selectivity. They are critical in maintaining the 3-dimensional structure of many biological molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids and controlling the selectivity of various guests (such as metals and energy-related compounds) when binding to molecular host scaffolds (such as MOFs, hydrate lattices and chelating agents).
A special category of non-covalent interactions is the one resulting from the stacking between aromatic rings (pi-pi stacking). These types of interactions control the structure of DNA and RNA fragments and play a role in protein folding and are the basis for template-directed synthesis, to name a few important applications. Despite numerous experimental and theoretical studies and continuing interest in the field, a unified description of the nature of those interactions and the factors that control them is still lacking.

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Principal Investigator

Edoardo Apra
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Team Members

Jonas Warneke
Universitat Bremen

Patrick El-Khoury
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Jeffrey Daily
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sotiris Xantheas
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Alessandro Fortunelli
CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

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