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Stable Isotope Probing Overarching Infrastructure to Integrate and Stabilize Technologies

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Central to the characterization of the molecular mechanisms that regulate biomolecule interactions with soil minerals is the ability to identify, quantify and trace organic compounds through a soil ecosystem. Stable isotope probing techniques which follow the incorporation of heavy isotopes into biomolecules are critical to this characterization by tracking of these molecules through space and time. Thorough mapping of these mechanisms requires measurements of multiple types of biomolecules utilizing a variety of analytical tools. Though, for the most part, the analytical tools for SIP measurements exists in EMSL, the informatics tools in which to analyze the data remain severely lacking in reliability, quantitative and statistical outputs and compatibility between algorithms. We are proposing to create the groundwork and infrastructure necessary to build an integrated informatics platform for measurements from a variety of SIP based analytics that provides the stability, statistics, providence and visualization methods. In this initial project, we will start designing a global SIP informatics infrastructure that will analyze data from most data streams and normalize the output for identification, probability and statistics metrics, quantification and visualization. We will test existing codes for strengths and short comings as well as map for the overall model of what is useful and what is needed. Finally, we will start working on a software package the is central to mass spectrometry based SIP identification that will be able to analyze proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and FTICR data for isotope incorporation.

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Mary Lipton
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory