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Nanoliter-scale Autosampler for Seamless Integration of NanoPOTS Platform with LC-MS

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We propose to develop a high throughput, automated, and ultrasensitive single cell proteomic platform by seamlessly integrating our nanodroplet Processing in One-pot for Trace Sample technique with ultrasensitive liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. To accomplish our goal, the following Specific Aims will be pursued:
Aims 1: We will develop a new microfluidic sampling probe to directly introduce nanodroplets with volumes < 200 nL into high pressure valves.
Aims 2: We will develop an integrated nanoliter autosampler with analysis throughput of >50 samples per day.
Aims 3: We will demonstrate the utility of the new platform in proteomics-based typing of plant cells isolated from Brachypodium.

Project Details

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Principal Investigator

Ying Zhu
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Team Members

Andrey Liyu
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Daniel Orton
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Ronald Moore
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Related Publications

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