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Fundamental Studies of NOx Adsorber Materials (Chuck Peden's EE Project - 47120)

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This program is a multi-year effort at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to develop a fundamental understanding of the operation of NOx adsorbers, and to share this understanding with bench scientists and engineers at vehicle and engine OEMs and catalyst and emission-control device manufacturers. Our objective in this project is to develop a practically useful fundamental understanding of the NOx adsorber technology operation. Our initial efforts will focus on understanding the current limitation of both the capture and regeneration modes of model NOx adsorber materials. Specifically, studies will address the details of the elementary adsorption, reaction and desorption processes, as well as the identity of reaction intermediates and their thermal stabilities on the catalyst surfaces. With this understanding, efforts in the second and third years will shift to understanding the roles of additives and their effect on the mechanism(s) of reaction. In addition, we will focus on optimizing material properties to increase performance and durability over many regeneration cycles. For these studies, we will take advantage of a wide array of state-of-the-art catalyst characterization facilities at PNNL as well as resident expertise in catalysis science, surface chemistry, and materials characterization. The expected outcome of the program will be a significantly more detailed fundamental understanding of the operation of NOx adsorber after-treatment systems that will meet the key emission standards. Ultimately, this information will be useful to the application of this technology in a way that meets both performance and reliability standards required for light-duty diesel engines.

Project Details

Project type
Exploratory Research
Start Date
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Principal Investigator

Charles Peden
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Team Members

Christelle Verrier
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Xianqin Wang
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ja Hun Kwak
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Russell Tonkyn
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Janos Szanyi
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Do Heui Kim
Seoul National University

Diana Tran
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Related Publications

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