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Calls for Proposals

Proposal Announcements

You can collaborate with us through these current open calls.

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Types of Proposals

The table below shows the types of proposals calls that are open throughout the year, the window to submit your proposal, and your project duration.

Types of Proposals
Research Focus Call open period

EMSL offers opportunities for researchers to use resources on a pay-by-use basis. Learn more.

Review Criteria

Proposals are evaluated using the following general criteria. These criteria are customized for each proposal call, as detailed on the individual proposal call webpages. Successful proposals address each of these areas to the fullest extent possible.

  1. Scientific merit and quality of the proposed research
  2. Qualifications of the proposed research team to achieve proposal goals and contribute to high-impact science
  3. Relevance of the proposed research to EMSL's mission (for FICUS proposals relevance must include relevance to partner institutions)
  4. Impact of the proposed research on one or more EMSL Science Areas
  5. Appropriateness and reasonableness of the request for EMSL resources

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Appealing a Decision

For Large Scale and Exploratory Research calls, proposal authors may submit an appeal letter only if the letter 1) describes the factual flaws in the review process for the application in question, 2) explains the reasons for the appeal, and 3) is based on one or more of the following issues related to the process of the initial peer review: 

  • Direct evidence of bias on the part of one or more of the reviewers. 

  • Direct evidence of conflict of interest on the part of one or more of the reviewers. 

  • Direct factual error(s) made by one or more reviewers that substantially altered the outcome of the initial peer review.  

Appeals of denied proposal extensions may be made if decisions appear to have been based on inadequate or incorrect information or if there are extenuating circumstances not noted in the progress summary. Appeals to reverse management decisions that are related solely to resource availability and funding will not be considered. 

Overturning the results of the peer review panel is a very serious matter and the standard of proof for a successful appeal is exceptionally high.  

To submit an appeal, the proposal author should email User Program Services with a concise (2-3 paragraphs only) summary of facts directly related to the criteria listed above. Authors do not need to resubmit extension summaries or project descriptions. Appeals must be submitted within 30 days from the date on the award decision notice. 

For the FICUS proposal calls, the decision of the review panel is final.  

The Appeals Committee is appointed by the EMSL director. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the EMSL director. All decisions by the EMSL director are final. User Program Services will coordinate with the committee and notify the user of the decision within 1) eight weeks from receipt of the appeal on proposals submitted against the annual call for proposals.