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Scientific Partner Proposals

Scientific Partner proposals may be submitted at any time throughout the year by individuals or groups who wish to partner scientifically with EMSL staff to enhance an existing capability or develop and build unique new capabilities that enhance EMSL's user program. Capability development efforts that support environmental molecular sciences and that utilize collaborative multidisciplinary teams, pooled or leveraged resources, unique operating environments, or other resources that may be beyond those available to individual researchers or teams are encouraged. Scientific Partner proposals are intended to leverage expertise, capabilities and resources that maximize impact for EMSL, the scientific partner and future users. In return for co-development, EMSL's scientific partner users receive priority access for a negotiated period of time to the new capability once it is completed.  The award and timing of EMSL Scientific Partner Projects are contingent upon EMSL strategic needs and the availability of EMSL resources. 

Scientific Partner users with approved proposals will be required to submit summaries of the work performed. For projects open for one year or less, the summaries are due when the project closes. For all others, summaries are due each year based on the date established by the Chief Science Officer. Summaries should include a brief introduction of the project, a description of the results to date, a list of any publications, awards or recognition resulting from the project, and (for multiple year projects) a detailed justification for any changes to the resources outlined in the original proposal. Periodic reviews of Scientific Partner Projects are also required and reviews will be done at least annually for each project; the Chief Science Officer will call and direct such reviews.

How to Submit a Proposal

Follow the steps below to submit your proposal.