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Malak Tfaily
Joint Appointment

Dr. Tfaily is an ecosystem scientist in the Environmental Transformations and Interactions group and joint appointment at the University of Arizona. Her overarching research interests revolve around integrating multidisciplinary science to implement field- and laboratory-based investigations to advance understanding of how carbon responds to global change and the underlying microbial mechanisms and plant-microbe interactions that determine its response. She examines these relationships in both terrestrial and aquatic habitats and brings environmental chemistry research to collaborations with microbial ecologists and modelers in a systems approach. Her training as an analytical chemist provided her the unusual opportunity to learn and apply multi-omics techniques, including metabolomics and ultra-sensitive chemical characterization to further advance her capability to identify the molecules and mechanisms that are the correlative basis of ecosystem carbon cycling science and illuminate this dark matter. Additionally, her approaches are integrative and readily translatable across biomes, diverse ecological settings, and the agricultural/wildland interface.

Research Interests

  • Soil organic matter composition
  • Metabolomics and mass spectrometry
  • Controls on organic matter transformation and degradation
  • Biotic (microbial) and abiotic factors
  • Greenhouse gas emissions


  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Florida State University
  • BS in General Chemistry, Lebanese University

Awards and Recognition

  • The Team Award for Excellence, The University of Arizona (2020)
  • Certificate of Achievement, Scientist and Engineer Development Program, PNNL (2018)
  • Building Relationship Versatility, Social Styles at Work Certificate of Achievement, PNNL (2018)
  • Certificate of Achievement, Crucial Conversations Training, PNNL (2018)
  • Director’s Award for Outstanding Performance, PNNL (2015)
  • Director’s Award for Outstanding Performance, PNNL (2014)
  • The Dorothy and Russel Johnsen Dissertation Award Nominee, Florida State University (2012)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Nominee, Florida State University (2011)
  • Best Teaching Assistant Award for Upper Classes Laboratory, Florida State University (2010)
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Nominee, Florida State University (2008)

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Geophysical Union (2009 – Present)
  • Peer Reviewer, Scientific reports; Geoderma; JGR-Biogeosciences; Science of the Total environment; Environmental Chemistry; Ecohydrology; Environmental Earth Sciences; Environmental Science and Technology; Water; Frontiers in Microbiology; Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Agronomy, and Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2011– Present) 
  • Soil Society of America (2019 – Present)
  • Panel Member, Student Engagement and Career Development and the Faculty Fellows Program Enterprises & Careers On-Campus: Tour of the Ecosystem Genomics Initiative, The University of Arizona (2019)
  • Panel Member, Women in STEM, COECYT-Sonora, Mexico (State Council of Sciences and Technology), The University of Arizona (2019)
  • Organizer, Professional Development Workshop for Students and Faculty, Ecosystem Genomics Initiative, The University of Arizona (2018)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer: National Science Foundation, Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry (2019)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer Johnson & Johnson Women in STEM2D, UA’s internal limited submission competition (2019)
  • Co-Chair, “Cross-divisional symposium: A Multiscale Approach to Identifying Abiotic and Biotic Interactions That Shape C Dynamics in the Soil-Atmosphere Continuum and across Latitudes,” Soil Society of America (2019)
  • Co-Chair, “Symposium: Linking Genes to Terrestrial Carbon and Nutrient Cycling: Experiments, Modeling, and Scaling” (2019)
  • Chair, “Symposium: From Genes to Ecosystems: Linking Structural and Functional Genomics to the Structure and Function of the Entire Ecosystem,” American Geophysical Union (2018)



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