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User Program

After receiving confirmation that you've receiving project funding, you will work with a project manager over the course of your one to two year project. The following information is a general guide for projects at EMSL.

people holding light bulbs and bullhornStep 1

  • Meet with your project manager
  • Summarize project goals
  • Provide sample timelines


person sitting at desk [NEXUS] Step 2

  • Fill out sample metadata on the EMSL User Portal
  • Coordinate with your project manager for sending samples


people standing outside building with PNNL brandingStep 3

  • Be responsive to emails and additional meetings with EMSL staff for project adjustments


person holding pencil and another person sittingStep 4

  • Contact your project manager to coordinate a visit to EMSL to work on instruments with staff


person sitting at computerStep 5

  • Briefly summarize samples accomplished during the first year of the project and analyzes slated for the second year of the project (if a two-year project) as well as to request resources for year two


people sitting at tableStep 6

  • Send samples before June 1, unless granted prior approval from your project manager


Project life cycle step 7Step 7

  • Access data through the EMSL User Portal.
  • Inform your project manager about planned or submitted publications