Boreal is a high performance computing (HPC) cluster with 480 Intel Sandy-Bridge™ nodes with a clock speed of 2.6GHz.

The system has an aggregate of 61TB of memory, .9PB of global storage in a Lustre file system, and an aggregate of 234TB of local disk.


Each compute node has 2 eight-core sockets for a total of 16 Intel© Xeon™ cores per node with 128GB of memory yielding 8GB of memory per core.


Cascade has 56 nodes each with 2 NVIDIA Tesla V100 16GB GPUs (112 GPUs total). The GPUs are attached via a PCI-express bus (PCIe x16) to the Sandy-Bridge Xeon© cores and their 128GB of memory.

Knights Landing (KNL)

Cascade has 8 Intel Xeon Phi Knight’s Landing nodes. On these nodes, the coprocessor is the main processing unit and has 68 cores that support 4 hardware threads.


The 480 nodes are connected by an FDR Infiniband fabric. The /home file system has 153TB.