Support Software

  • Interpretive languages: Python

  • Data analysis: GNUPLOT, Python

  • Data formats: NetCDF, HDF5

  • Data visualization: VisIt

Available versions can be checked using module avail.


  • Intel
    • icc - C compiler

    • icpc - C++ compiler

    • ifort - FORTRAN compiler

  • gcc
    • gcc – C compiler

    • g++ - C++ compiler

    • gfortran - FORTRAN compiler

  • NAG

Message Passing Interface (MPI)

  • IntelMPI


  • OpenMPI

  • When loaded, the follow compiler wrappers are available:
    • mpicc, mpiicc - C compiler wrapper

    • mpif90 - FORTRAN compiler wrapper

    • mpic++, mpicxx, mpiicpc - C++ compiler wrappers

    • -show (e.g. mpicc –show) shows details of the wrapper

Math Libraries


  • PETSc (sparse linear algebra)

Development Tools

  • gdb

Loading Software

Modules provide a convenient way to set environment variables for compiling and executing programs that are already available on Tahoma and Cascade.



module list

Display currently loaded modules

module avail

Display all available modules

module load package1

Add module “package1” to environment

module unload package1

Remove module “package1” from environment

module help package1

Display help information for package1 module

module help

Display module command options


Modules sets provide specific environment variables, some of which are dependent on other modules. To ensure the modules are loaded correctly, the recommended pattern for loading modules is:

module purge
module load <compiler>
module load <mpi library>
module load <other stuff>