Comparing Tahoma and Cascade



Overall Size

960 Intel Sandy-Bridge nodes, clock speed 2.6GHz Theoretical peak performance: 465 TFlops

184 Intel Cascade Lake(tm) nodes, clock speed 3.1 GHz Theoretical peak performance: 1015 TFlops

CPU/cores per node

2 eight-core sockets = 16 Intel (c) Xeon(tm) E5-2670 cores

2 x 18-core sockets = 36 Intel(c) Xeon(tm) Gold 6254 cores

Memory per node

128GB total = 8 GB/core

384 GB total = 10 2/3 GB/core on t[1-160] 1536 GB total = 42 2/3 GB/core on ta[1-24]


2.8 PB global storage in Lustre file system Aggregate of 702 TB of local disk

10 PB global storage in BeeGFS file system Aggregate of 536 TB local disk


56 nodes have 2X NVIDIA Tesla V100 16GB GPUs attached by PCI-express (PCIe x16)

24 nodes (ta[1-24]) have 2X NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB GPUs attached by PCI-express (PCIe x16)


FDR Infiniband fabric (ConnectX-3) connected through two 648-port XS6536 Mellanox switches

HDR-100 Infiniband fabric (ConnectX-6) connected through seven 40-port Mellanox MQM8790 switches.

Current status *


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