Migrating Data From Cascade to Tahoma

The moveme script which is currently installed in /home/scicons/cascade/bin/moveme was created to move data from project directories in /dtemp/<project> to the new Tahoma Supercomputer in /tahoma/<project>

For example, running:

moveme -a emslc11111 /dtemp/emslc11111 /tahoma/emslc11111

will copy the entire project directory of emslc11111 to the new /tahoma filesystem. This same action can also be done with the -t option as so:

moveme -t emslc11111

If you only want to move specific files to Tahoma, you can specify source and target directories easily as well:

moveme /dtemp/emslc11111/myCode /tahoma/emslc11111/coderepo/

If you have questions, please email msc-consulting@emsl.pnl.gov .