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Initiate a new LOI by logging into the EMSL User Portal and clicking “Submit a Proposal/LOI” in the left-hand navigation bar. The form will guide you to enter details about the proposal, participants, funding, resources, and samples. You can navigate through the entire form to view all the required information and additional guidance. Review the entire form well in advance of the submission deadline to make sure that you have enough time to compile the required information. Entries must be saved as they are entered; the portal will not automatically save. Please note that these guidelines are updated periodically, and requirements may change from year to year.

There are two steps to completing the LOI submission: (1) submitting the required information on the portal and (2) preparing and uploading a PDF of the proposed research (strictly use the template provided). Please note that all content (including appendices) required for the PDF is part of the proposed research template.