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Kevin Solomon
UEC member

Kevin Solomon is a member of the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory's User Executive Committee and an assistant professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware. 

Solomon's work focuses on the sustainable deconstruction and upcycling of polymeric materials via environmental microbes and consortia. Specifically, his group elucidates and harnesses novel biochemical pathways and genes, which is accelerated by EMSL’s mass spectrometry capabilities for protein identification and characterization of post-translational modifications. He has two current FICUS projects with EMSL investigating lignocellulose and plastics degradation and has worked with the EMSL community for over 8 years. Solomon is a recipient of a DOE Early Career Award, has provided expert testimony before the 116th US House of Representatives, been featured in Forbes magazine and was recognized as being among the 1000 inspiring Black scientists to watch.