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Lye Meng Markillie

Lye Meng Markillie is a biologist with the Cell Signaling and Communications team. She has more than 30 years of experience building multi-functional teams to address important science questions in molecular biology, immunology, and protein biochemistry. Her experience covers relationship development, experimental design and implementation, laboratory management, deployment of state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and techniques, and independent data analysis in different settings, including industry, university, and national laboratory.

She successfully deployed three different next-generation sequencing platforms (SOLiD™, Ion Torrent™, and illumina™) that support a wide range of applications, including whole transcriptome analysis, gene expression profiling, small RNA analysis, ChIP-Seq, and novel transcript identification, as well as genome and epigenome sequencing. She implements and oversees the workflow for sample preparation, library construction and data acquisition, as well as post instrument analysis of large data sets. Markillie supports multiple EMSL, the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, user projects and facilitates the progression, generation, and analysis of transcriptomic and genomic data.

She works with computational scientists and engineers to establish the transcriptomic and genomic analysis pipeline to handle large data sets, requiring use of PNNL Institutional computing resources to perform the analysis. In addition, she mentors undergraduate and graduate student interns in fulfillment of the PNNL's mission to educate future scientists and engineers of the nation.

Research Interests

  • Molecular Biology
  • Immunology
  • Protein Biochemistry


BS in Microbiology, Washington State University, 1990



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