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Montana Smith
Data Scientist

Montana is a data scientist with the Data Transformations integrated research platform. She has been at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) since 2016, starting as an alternatively sponsored fellow. Her research interests include microbial ecology and biogeochemistry, and Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable data and data management. She started working in microbial ecology in 2013 during her undergraduate work.

While performing research, Smith always recognized the importance of data and sample management. Now, she leverages her experience as a researcher at EMSL and in the field to improve metadata collection and FAIR data sharing. Her passion is in improving the researchers experience in data management, to make it easier and achievable, while still providing machine readable and searchable data. Smith’s work now focuses on improving metadata standards and collection to expand data findability, access, interoperability, and reuse.  

Research Interests

  • Soil microbial ecology
  • Biogeochemistry


BS in Biology, Iowa State University



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Keiser A.D., M.L. Smith, S.L. Bell, and K.S. Hofmockel. 2019. "Peatland microbial community response to altered climate tempered by nutrient availability." Soil Biology and Biochemistry 137. PNNL-SA-147067. doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2019.107561