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EMSL LEARN Webinar Series: Exploratory Proposal Call Topics
June 14, 2023

  • Samantha Miller will provide details on the Exploratory Proposal Call deadlines and proposal submission requirements.
  • Alex Beliaev will discuss EMSL capabilities in single-cell biology, cell-free protein expression for structural biology, stable isotope labeling using multi-omics analysis, and activity-based probes to explore enzyme function and biochemical pathways.
  • Odeta Qafoku will detail EMSL capabilities available for imaging soil organic matter, as well as measuring the spatiotemporal distribution of roots and root exudates, metabolites, and other elements.
  • Satish Karra will walk through EMSL’s tools for exploratory and statistical data analysis, as well as EMSL’s capabilities for harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to mine information from 2D chemical maps, process multimodal data, help co-register spatial data, and expand 2D chemical information into a 3D space.