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Molecular Interactions and Dynamics at Solid Electrolyte Interfaces

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We will carry out a systematic study on molecular interactions and dynamics at solid electrolyte interfaces (SEIs) of Li-ion batteries using primarily in situ quantitative nonlinear optical spectroscopy measurements. The objectives of this study are 3 fold: (1) to establish molecular-level metrology for characterizing SEI structures and compositions in situ; (2) to unravel molecular mechanisms governing the reactivity and interactions of various molecules at the interface; (3) to develop quantitative metrics for assessing the performance of Li-ion battery via in situ measurements. Furthermore, a general theoretical framework will be developed and validated on the basis of quantitative measurements. Combined experimental and theoretical studies of the basic materials systems will cast new insights in molecular interaction and reactivity at electrode/electrolyte interfaces, which will be critical for the design and development of next generation batteries. This study aligns with the EMSL scientific theme of Science of Interfacial Phenomena, specifically, 'In situ real-time investigations of dynamical processes at surfaces or interfaces'. EMSL's state of the art measurement capability, particularly the nonlinear optical spectroscopy, provides the only feasible means for the proposed study.

Project Details

Project type
Large-Scale EMSL Research
Start Date
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Principal Investigator

Howard Wang
State University of New York at Binghamton

Team Members

Priyanka Bhattacharya
University of Dayton Research Institute

Hui Zhan
Wuhan University

Xilin Chen
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Liwen Ji
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Meng Gu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Jie Xiao
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Xiaolin Li
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Hongfei Wang
Fudan University

Wu Xu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Jiguang Zhang
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Yuyan Shao
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Jun Liu
Yale University

Yongsoon Shin
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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