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Interfacial Phenomena in Nanostructured Materials under Irradiation

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Nanostructured materials provide the opportunity for tailoring physical, electronic, optical, and biological properties for a variety of technological applications, including novel catalysis, sensors, membranes, bioimaging, solar cells, and advanced nuclear energy systems. As the world increases its reliance on nuclear energy, there is an ever-increasing demand for new radiation tolerant materials that can withstand the extreme radiation environments in reactors, accelerators, and even geologic repositories for nuclear waste. Understanding the response of nanostructured materials to energy deposition is an urgent challenge, since it may hold the key to unlock the design of new materials for advanced nuclear energy systems, solar energy conversion, sensors, space exploration, and national security.
Significant progress has been made in understanding energy transfer to atomic nuclei; however, the dynamics of processes driven by energy transfer to the electronic structure are much less understood. The objective of this proposed work is to develop fundamental understanding on the response of model nanostructured materials to the partitioning of energy deposition to the electronic and atomic structures under separate ion and electron irradiation. Model nanograined materials and nanostructured composites will be studied under a wide range of irradiation conditions. Explicitly included in this work is developing a fundamental understanding of ion-solid interactions, partitioning of energy between electronic and atomic processes, and the coupling of electronic and atomic processes. Specifically, the proposed work will employ novel ion irradiation (accelerator-based) and electron irradiation (electron-microscope based) approaches, complementary characterization techniques, and advanced computer simulation methods to perform separate and integrated effects studies to develop fundamental understanding and predictive models of the evolution of lattice defects, interfacial defects, nanostructures, interfaces and phase transformations in nanostructured materials under irradiation.
The response of nanostructured ceramics to irradiation at multiple energy levels and rates will provide an improved science basis beyond applications in the field of nuclear energy, such as environmental restoration, energy production, and national security. The proposed work aligns well with the EMSL theme on Science of Interfacial Phenomena related to both (1) developing and verifying predictive models for interfacial processes, and 2) advancing the understanding of structure-function relationships in complex multi-component interfacial systems.

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Large-Scale EMSL Research
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Principal Investigator

William Weber
University of Tennessee


Yanwen Zhang
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Team Members

Fenglin Yuan
University of Tennessee

Dilpuneet Aidhy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ke Jin
University of Tennessee

Chien-Hung Chen
University of Tennessee

Marie Backman
University of Tennessee

Haizhou Xue
University of Tennessee

Haiyan Xiao
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Zihua Zhu
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Takuji Oda
University of Tennessee

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