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Valence and Core-Level Excited State and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of Molecules and Materials in Complex Environments

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This is a multi-pronged proposal aimed at theoretical developments and modeling of a variety of spectroscopies (UV/Vis, XAS, EELS, NMR, EPR, Raman), ultrafast electron (de)localization dynamics and charge transfer and transport in photoactivated processes. This effort will be a combination of development and application with three thrusts: development of the functionality within the NWChem framework; collaboration with ongoing spectroscopy experiments at EMSL and EMSL users; and exploratory computational experiments to act as a driver for new experiments at EMSL and PNNL.

Project Details

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Principal Investigator

Niranjan Govind
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Team Members

Soumen Ghosh
Indian Institute of Technology Indore

Jose Reveles Ramirez
Virginia Commonwealth University

Amity Andersen
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Karol Kowalski
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Related Publications

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