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Development of Magic Angle Spinning NMR Metabolomics Capabilities

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State-of-the-art high resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) NMR metabolomics capabilities, where a sample spinning rate of few kHz or more is used, and unique high resolution slow-MAS NMR metabolomics capabilities, where a sample spinning rate of 40 to 300 Hz is utilized, will be developed to enable high resolution NMR metabolic profiling on intact semi-solid biological samples such as plant tissues, dense fungi and microbes that are attached to solid surfaces. This proposal is unique based on the following facts: (i) Currently, only a few groups in the world are capable of HR-MAS NMR metabolomics. (ii) Non-destructive slow-MAS NMR metabolomics techniques were originated at PNNL by the PI and his collaborators. Due to its non-destructive nature arising from the use of slow sample spinning, sample integrity is preserved and samples after slow-MAS NMR analysis can be subsequently utilized by other test, including microscopic test. Slow-MAS metabolomics can work on semi-solid biological samples with a large range of sample sizes ranged from less than 1 ul to 1000 ul or more using a single probe, complementing HR-MAS NMR metabolomics that is destructive to the semi-solid biological samples and that works only on samples with volume from ~15 ul to ~65 ul.

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Principal Investigator

Jian-zhi Hu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Team Members

Chuan Wan
China Agricultural University

Xiongjie Xiao
Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences