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Composition and adsorption mechanism of metabolites produced by roots of different hemp varieties grown in a synthetic soil habitat

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Understanding the interactions between plant organic molecules and soil minerals is critical in biogeochemical processes. The adsorptive behavior of metabolites on soil mineral surfaces can be influenced by the chemistry and content of root exudates. However, describing these interactions in natural soil environments is challenging. It is now possible to analyze the interaction between root exudates and soil minerals without dealing with the complexity of soil systems, thanks to the newly created rhizosphere-on-a-chip. We will analyze the variations in metabolites in the rhizosphere of three hemp varieties grown for different purposes, fiber, seed, and dual-purpose (i.e., grain and fiber), and their adsorptive interaction on soil minerals using two prominent soil types of distinct mineralogy found in North Carolina. Our research goal is to clarify the intricate and mechanistic processes of the interaction of root exudates and soil minerals, which have thus far been examined using batch experiments, utilizing this novel approach, the use of rhizosphere-on-a-chip.

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Exploratory Research
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Principal Investigator

Idowu Atoloye
Utah State University


Arnab Bhowmik
North Carolina A&T State University

Team Members

Dipti Rai
North Carolina A&T State University