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High resolution mapping of global cropland greenhouse gas emissions under changing climate

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There is growing interest in the wide-scale deployment of soil organic carbon (SOC) sequestration strategies in croplands. SOC sequestration in agriculture if widely considered to be a cost-effective and highly scalable approach to carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere. However, many of the management practices to build soil organic carbon also affect fluxes of other greenhouse gasses like nitrous oxide and methane. In some situations these practices lead to an increase in net greenhouse gas emissions after a few decades. Future climate change is also expected to exacerbate these effects and possibly reduce the efficacy of proposed soil organic carbon sequestration strategies for carbon dioxide removal. The primary aim of this research is to provide high spatial resolution global simulations of greenhouse gas fluxes between soils and the atmosphere in commodity cropping systems under improved soils management and changing climate over a century timescale. This research will 1) quantify soil organic carbon, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions responses in major commodity crops and the variation of these responses under site-specific management and environmental conditions, and 2) provide publicly available global maps at 250 meter spatial resolution to inform decision-making. These findings will inform on the feasibility of converting global agricultural soils from net emitters to net sinks of greenhouse gasses.

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Exploratory Research
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Dominic Woolf
Cornell University


Shelby McClelland
Cornell University